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Choose Your Meal Plan
Choose a pre-set meal plan that fits your lifestyle and fitness goals.
Await Delivery
Meals are delivered on Sundays and Wednesdays between 5-9pm, individually packaged and ready to eat.
Heat and Eat
Store fresh meals in fridge, heat and consume at your convenience.
Placing Orders
All orders placed before Thursday @ 11:30 pm will arrive on the approaching Sunday.
Included Meals
You will receive 12 meals for the week.
Order Arrival
Your first half of meals (6 meals) will arrive on Sunday. The second half of meals will arrive the following Wednesday

Choose your meal

Choose your meal

A Mixed Tray of Jollof Rice & Fried Rice (With Chicken&Fish)

Serves 12

An equal mix of DALAS Jollof Rice, Fried Rice with Chicken, Fish and Diced Plantain to serve 12  – Classic, Chicken or Turkey, Fish, Diced Kidney/Liver, Shrimps, mixed Veggies, Red Bell peppers, Onions Green Peas, Chilli, Curry , Thyme, Garlic, some African Spices and Carrot,

$ 295 per Combo Set 

Chick’n Wraps

10 assorted sliders – Serves 5

Ofada rice combo with plantain, assorted beef, chicken, ayamase sauce and choice drink to go with.

$60 per box


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